Orienteering at Seven Ranges

During Orienteering Scouts learned how to use a compass and orient a map through a 5 mile course. Also scouts learned how to measure objects using a compass.Overall scouts learned many useful skills and had lots of fun.

Rapelling at Hocking Hills

The troop went on its annual climbing and repelling trip. Scouts learned how to tie the knotted leg loop harness and used them this weekend. Also they learned many knots for climbing and rappelling such as the water knot and the grape vine. Although the nights were cold everyone stayed warm eating lasagna,ground hog stew, and other warm food. All of the scouts had fun climbing and rappelling but they also enjoyed visiting the rock house.

Court of Honor 9-11-2015

It does not seem possible that it has been 14 years since ‘9/11’ when the older Scouts where in NYC working on Citizenship of the World just 6 week before that fateful day.  Although purely a coincidence of scheduling, the Troop had it’s annual COH this past Friday (9/11) at the Bellflower Park Pavilion (in a driving rain, of course). Incredibly, half of the current Troop’s Scouts where not even born, and the other half were infants, on 9/11. The US Flag in the picture of the current Troop at this COH was a gift from Kevin Kleber with a certificate verifying that this flag flew over his base while he was serving a tour in Afghanistan.




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Wright Patterson Air Force Base

The Troop visited the Wright Patterson Air Force Base and Museum. The scouts enjoyed a fun day viewing numerous aircraft.

2015 Klondike Bullet Mold

This year’s bullet mold station was staffed by Mr. L,  Anthony W, Chris J, Eric B, and Erik O. The bullet mold station was just before the rifle range.

Participants were able to cast a .485 caliber lead round. The scouts took a round down to the range where they loaded and fired one of the black powder rifles.